Persian saffron

Pan Kebab

Pan Kebab (Kebab Tabei)

Pan Kebab: Ingredients: ?500 gr Ground meat ?2 Onions(smashed) ?4 Tomatoes ?Garlic(if desired) ?1 tablespoon Salt ?Pepper ?1 tablespoon Saffron ... Read More
Saffron Milk Recipe with persian saffron

Saffron Milk

How to make saffron milk with Persian saffron Ingredients: ?Persian saffron ?1 cup milk ?Cardamom ?Sugar or honey if desired ... Read More


Kachi (Halva pudding) is a sweet Persian dessert which is full of pure saffron as well as rose water; it’s ... Read More

Kuku Sabzi

A popular ancient dish of Persia with pure saffron, called Kuku, is easily made with beaten eggs mixed with vegetables, ... Read More