Kachi (Halva pudding) is a sweet Persian dessert which is full of pure saffron as well as rose water; it’s full of energy which helps women to recover their energy especially after delivery.

?1 cup all-purpose flour
?1 cup sugar
?100 gr butter or oil
?3 cups hot water
?1 cup rose water (Golab)
?1 teaspoon ground cardamom (Hel)
?1 teaspoon ground pure saffron

First of all, add hot water, rose water, sugar, pure saffron also the cardamom to the pan over the medium heat until it boils and the sugar dissolves.
In another pan, pour all-purpose flour and toast it until brown. Stir constantly and be careful don’t burn it. Then add up the butter.
Eventually, add up the boiling syrup to the flour while stirring constantly until its density is like a soup.

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