Iranian Saffron features and types

Iranian saffron feature and types

Iranian saffron feature and types

Due to the fact that Iran is the first exporter of saffron to various markets worldwide, this country produces 90 to 93 percent of the global demand for pure saffron. Iranian saffron is one of the best spices of the world, which has proved to be of truly high quality.

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Iranian Saffron and its characteristics

Each product has its very special characteristics.

As a distinguished spice, Persian saffron has its own particular features which are going to be introduced in the following.

We want to help you know your taste!

Less safranal in the Iranian saffron

While safranal is a popular additive to some suppliers saffron production, Persian saffron has the lowest level of this additive in its exported saffron.

In other words, Safranal in Iranian saffron is only 1 percent or less. So, the taste and fragrance of Iranian pure saffron is very original.

Great condition of Iran’s climate to grow saffron

According to Iran’s climate, where Persian saffron is grown, produces the best quality saffron in the world.

East and northeast parts of Iran, which include south Khorasan and Ghayenat, produce high quality and pure saffron.

An important factor in planting and producing saffron is the height of the land from the sea or the altitude.

As a result, the higher the altitude, the better the quality of the saffron produced in that land.

In fact, these lands in Iran have the best properties in this regard. Hence a great quality saffron is produced here.

Consequently, people from all around the world can benefit and buy saffron online from Iran.

Different types of Iranian saffron

Saffron Types
Saffron Types

Persian pure saffron has five main types; they include:

– White saffron

– Bunch saffron

– Poushal saffron

– Sargol saffron

– Negin Saffron

In the following, we will describe each of these saffron categories:

White Saffron

There is white saffron, which is, in fact, the white root of saffron flower. so, this saffron is known as white or style saffron in Europe.

Bunch Saffron

This is the main and base type of saffron, in which we put together all parts of the saffron flower.

In other words, bunch saffron is a set of complete bunches of saffron flowers.

Poushal Saffron

In this type, we prepare the stigma part of the flower and 1 to 3 mm of the cream part.

As a result, poushal saffron has a stronger color than Bunch saffron.

Sargol Saffron

This is the truly pure saffron. In the sargol saffron we get only the stigma part of the flower; therefore, the color and fragrance of this saffron is the best and strongest among all other types. It has pure threads without style which is completely red.

Negin Saffron

This is a special type of saffron. In fact, Negin saffron is the three strands of stigma part of saffron without the cream. This is the most expensive type of Iranian saffron; it also has the highest aroma and color with higher volume in compare of other types.


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