History of Saffron

Saffron is a rare and useful plant! that its flower has been used as a spice, perfume, and drug from ancient years (about 1500 BC). Also, the saffron threads are scented and fairly bitter and has been among the most expensive spices around the world! so that it is also known as the Red Gold in some regions (like Iran). The origin of saffron is Southwest Asia and after that, it was first planted in Greece, Then it was planted in North Africa, Andalusia, and Sicily by Iranian exiles.

Saffron global availability

Currently, this plant is produced and/or exported by many countries including Iran, Afghanistan, Greece, Morocco, China, Turkey, USA, and India. It should be noted that there are some countries which don’t produce any saffron but are among the main exporters of this plant and export it to many countries.

Saffron: An expensive spice

Additionally, the quality of Iranian saffron is the best and has a global reputation. Iranian saffron has been first planted only in eastern regions of this country like some regions of Razavi Khorasan and Southern Khorasan provinces. Due to the rarity, the saffron price is high and as mentioned above it is an expensive spice. The other reasons of saffron’s high price are the low volume of final product, demand for lands with special conditions and requiring an abundant workforce to reap, process and pack the product.

Iranian saffron market share

However, the main producer and exporter of saffron across the world is Iran so that the share of Iranian saffron (also known as Persian saffron) is around 90% of total saffron produced in the whole world.

Saffron Usages

Saffron uses are various; for instance, it can be used for cooking, aromatization, health benefits, and therapeutic applications. In this context, the health benefits of saffron are numerous! For example, it clears the skin, avoid hair loss, strength the babies’ bones, reduces the high blood pressure, helps to digest food, increases the quality of sleeping also is an effective solution for sexual impotence.

Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that saffron has therapeutic properties which help to reduce Alzheimer, Depression, and PMS symptoms. In addition, it has been recognized that saffron can be effective in treating cardiac, kidney, liver, and cancer diseases. To sum up, saffron is a valuable, fragrant and fruitful plant that anyone may benefit from it.

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How to identify original saffron?

One way that you can try in your home is “water exam”,
For this purpose, you need to pour some threads of pure saffron in the cold water and wait for 10 minutes.
1. The original threads release their color to the water slowly while the fake one release its color immediately
2. The original threads remain strongly red after about 10 minutes whereas, the fake one lose its color and become white.


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