Storing saffron

Storing saffron

Storing saffron

How to store and use Pure saffron?

Pure saffron is one of the most popular spices in cooking and due to its pleasurable properties, make the food taste happy and delicious. While buying high-quality Iranian saffron is of great importance, storing saffron becomes even more vital.

As saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, it is important to know the best way to store this valuable spice for more than 2 years. GoldSpice is going to tell you some secrets about keeping saffron and its dos and don’ts

Storing saffron: dry saffron

Usually, keep saffron in dry, cool places and prevent it from direct sunlight. In so doing, the quality and fragrance of pure saffron is kept.

Storing saffron: how to brew saffron

There are several ways to brew saffron. we will describe 3 ways to you.

First of all, remember that you need to grind saffron straws and then brew it.

Method No. 1

  • First, pour some boiling water on the saffron;
  • Then put the mixture on indirect heat, such as boiling kettle, tea maker or heater, so that it will brew gradually; It helps to release the color and aroma of saffron.

Method No. 2

  • First, pour some milk on the saffron.
  • Next, put the mixture on indirect heat and wait until it brews. This is a great drink for health.

Method No. 3

  • First, put two ice cubes in a small bowl.
  • Then, add the powdered saffron to it.
  • Finally, let it brew on indirect heat.

The last method is the best one among others. As a result of slow brewing, the last method will give you the best fragrance and color of the pure saffron.


Some people use sugar cubes to grind saffron. But, GoldSpice doesn’t recommend this method for grinding pure saffron. Because, by grinding saffron using sugar cubes, you will reduce the color and fragrance of the saffron.

Anyways, you can always order saffron online and saffron powder on GoldSpice.

Storing saffron: fresh saffron

You should never freeze fresh saffron in the refrigerator. But the best way to keep fresh saffron does not keep it fresh!

In other words, you first need to dry it and then grind the saffron.

If you want to freeze saffron, you must first brew it and next you can freeze it.


  • Keeping the saffron in dry and cool place lets no moist reach it.
  • In order to retain the color of the saffron, you must grind and then sift it.
  • The best containers to keep saffron are metal and glass ones.
  • As a result of using plastic containers for keeping saffron, the spice will lose its color and fragrance.
  • To keep brewed pure saffron in the refrigerator, put it in small ice-cube-sized pieces. So, you can use each cube for each time.
  • If you use the glass container for keeping saffron, don’t expose it to sunlight.
  • Saffron remains fresh and fragrant only for 2 weeks and only in glass containers in the refrigerator


Storing saffron has different methods as well as different reasons. Whatever the reason, the methods are simple and applicable.

You can buy Iranian saffron online from GoldSpice and keep it in your kitchen using any of the above ways.


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