Pan Kebab (Kebab Tabei)

Pan Kebab

Pan Kebab

Pan Kebab:

?500 gr Ground meat
?2 Onions(smashed)
?4 Tomatoes
?Garlic(if desired)
?1 tablespoon Salt
?1 tablespoon Saffron
?1 tablespoon Turmeric

In the beginning, add up ground meat, smashed onions, garlic, salt, pepper, turmeric as well as GoldSpice saffron to the bowl and mix them very well.

On the other side, pour a little bit of oil in the pan and put the chopped tomatoes as the bottom layer in the pan.
Pick a small piece of meat while making it circle then press it with your hand and put it on the top of tomatoes, put the pan lid and let the meat cooks very well.

At the end, remove the pan lid and let the meat roasts for some minutes…

Pan Kebab is ready now, you can serve it with both rice and bread

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