Pure Saffron and Mental Health

Pure Saffron and Health

Iranians and eastern Asian people used pure saffron as a herbal medicine and miraculous drug for thousands of years ago. It is not reasonless that we call this golden thread a miracle; the effect of pure saffron on the mental health is an undeniable fact. The miraculous impact of pure saffron on the nervous system has kneeled most of the contemporary psychiatric medicine! Let’s read more about saffron and nervous system.


Saffron and Nervous System

Iranians have used pure saffron as a drug for thousands of years ago. Saffron uses are for curing as well as modifying nervous issues, such as anxiety, Alzheimer, depression, Parkinson, oxidative damages, neurotoxicity, neuronal injury, apoptosis, neuroinflammation, brain neurotransmitters, and opioids system. So why not buy saffron online and benefit from its very healing properties?!

Based on two investigations, pure saffron and its extracts reduce depression and make people become more active. Even more, Iranian Saffron among all other spices is the most impactful to cheer you up!


Saffron and Morphine

As we all know, consumption of morphine leaves some negative and even irreparable impacts on the nervous system; from impaired learning and memory function to decreased secretion of dopamine (a substance which plays a variety of vital roles in the nervous system).

Consequently, based on several studies on the relationship between saffron and nervous system after consumption of morphine, these results were obtained:

– For instance, daily consumption of saffron and its derivatives gradually heals the impairments in learning and memory function caused by morphine.

– Prescribing saffron and its extracts to patients who need morphine, helps them use less morphine.

– Similarly, patients who consumed pure saffron, need a short-term of morphine treatment, compared to patients who don’t use saffron.

– Dopamine secretion that was decreased by consumption of morphine, increased and healed rapidly after taking specific dosages of pure saffron; Dosages 50, 100, 150 and 250mg/kg for a specific number of weeks. This shows a positive relationship between saffron and the nervous system.


Saffron, the golden miracle!

Saffron (C. sativus) is not only a heavenly, fragrant and tasty gold spice but an herbal miracle gathered and enriched by experts in the land of ancient, traditional medication, Iran.

Above all, anyone all around the world, is worthy of benefiting from saffron’s healing, golden threads, no matter where they live. Therefore, you can always order saffron online, the best price and quality, from GoldSpice.


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