Saffron Benefits, History and Types

Saffron History and features

Saffron History

How much do you know about pure saffron and its usages? People mostly know saffron as a red gold and Iran is the first producer of saffron in the world.

It is an expensive food ingredient all over the world. You can use saffron for several purposes such as:

  • Dyeing textiles
  • Medicine purposes
  • Cooking and so on

Although it is really expensive, the red gold has numerous benefits and you can always order saffron online and enjoy from its many advantages. Cultivating, harvesting and preparing the pure saffron to take a long process and need a large human resource.

Iranian saffron, with its high quality, is very popular and you can order saffron online. If you use it in cooking, you will love the saffron fragrance, taste, and color.

The history of saffron

Saffron flower in historical paints
Saffron flower in historical paints

The history of saffron cultivation dates back to 3500 years ago. From the past until now, it has always been used as a spice for cooking and also for medical purposes. Besides, pure saffron has a lovely smell, taste, and color, some industries use its essence to make valuable perfumes with perfect quality and smell.

Saffron was natively found in Western Asia, but Greece is the first country which cultivated and harvested saffron. Nowadays, people all over the world know Iranian saffron as the best quality gold spice, while Iran has the most share in cultivating and exporting pure saffron in the globe.

Interestingly, you can nearly find Iranian saffron in every country and people can buy saffron online too. If you want to buy this red gold, you need to know the features of pure saffron to avoid buying the fake one.


What are the features of the pure saffron?

There are always the copies of valuable and expensive products in the market; saffron is not the exception. These days you can find the gold spice almost everywhere; but how can you know what you are buying is pure and original.

Here, we are going to introduce you some practical methods that can help you to recognize the original saffron from the fake one:

  • The pure saffron is bitter. So, chew a few stigmas of saffron; it must be bitter. Otherwise, it has an additive ingredient.
  • Detect the pure saffron with cold water. If you add the stigma of the red gold in cold water, the color will not change to white;
  • The stigma of pure saffron has a horn like an end and they are not straight.
  • The stigmas of the pure saffron must not be greasy. Therefore, to check its purity, put some stigmas on a paper and fold the paper. Press the paper between your fingers. Open the paper. If the saffron is pure, there must not be any greasy spot on the paper.
  • The pure saffron takes time to release color. Otherwise, it may be the fake spice and not the original.

If you plan to buy the gold spice from a store, you can apply the above-mentioned methods to find the pure saffron. But if you buy saffron online, they will not be practical anymore. Therefore, it is better to order saffron online from a reliable website.

Although Iranian saffron is among the best quality spices all over the world, it has different kinds, quality, and prices. Here, we want to introduce you different kinds of Iranian saffron.


Different kinds of Iranian saffron

You can find Iranian saffron with different quality and prices in the market. Before any attempt to buy the gold spice, it is better to know its kinds and features. A stigma of saffron has 2 parts: Cream and Kolale. Different kinds of red gold are:

  • Negin saffron
  • Sargol Saffron
  • Poushal Saffron
  • Dokhtar Pich or bunch saffron


Negin saffron

Although Sargol saffron has the top rank, the quality of Negin saffron is highest. This kind of gold spice is longer and thicker. Negin saffron consists of the top and a bit of cream part of stigma.

When you want to buy saffron online, you will find that Negin saffron is more expensive. But many people believe Negin is the most valuable saffron and has the highest quality.

Sargol Saffron

This is the most common kind of saffron and people mostly know it as the very high-quality gold spice. Sargol saffron is also known by the name of all-red saffron in the world. Sargol is taken from the top part of stigma; therefore, it is pure and completely red.

If you are looking for the pure saffron, make sure you are ordering Sargol saffron online. Do not forget Sargol is short and thick.

Poushal Saffron

Poushal saffron consists of top to a lower part of stigma. So, this kind of gold spice is longer than Negin and Sargol saffron. It has lower color and fragrance strength.

Bunch saffron (Dokhtar Pich)

Bunch saffron consists of all stigma. It has relatively the lower color and fragrance strength; therefore, Dokhtar Pich or bunch saffron is less expensive than other kinds.

Bunch saffron still has great benefits, color, and fragrance.


The benefits and side effects of pure saffron


This gold spice has many different usages and health benefits. This red gold is really useful and it is used in food, paint, cosmetics, Medical, and pharmaceutical industries.

In addition to its benefits and uses, saffron has some side effects. Here we want to explain the benefits and side effects of pure saffron.


The benefits of pure saffron

  • Pure saffron avoids cancer

People who use saffron regularly are less exposed at the risk of cancer. Crocin is one of the compounds in saffron which can help to stop colorectal cancer cells growth. So, if you have any cancer records in family or relative, saffron will keep you safe.

  • Saffron can treat Arthritis

Cerebral oxygenation can be increased by saffron; as a result, people who suffer arthritis can use saffron to treat their problem and feel, it can be a perfect cure for arthritis pains.

  • Pure saffron improves eyesight

Saffron is good for people who suffer retinal degeneration and vision loss. So, if you have such a problem, it’s better to order saffron online now.

  • Use saffron if you cannot sleep

This red gold, with its relaxing features, can help people that want to have a perfect sleep. So, if you cannot sleep well and suffer from Insomnia, it’s better to buy saffron online now and enjoy your dreams.

  • Saffron makes you happy

Are you depressed and sad? So, do not wait and buy Iranian saffron. It can make you feel happy and energetic.

  • A healthy heart with saffron

Antioxidant properties in saffron will bring you very healthy and strong arteries and blood vessels. It also can help people who suffer from lower blood pressure.

Do you want a perfect skin? Using saffron in your food will help you to have soft and young skin. You can also easily mix it with milk and apply it on your skin. It can lighten your skin, treat acne and blemishes too.

  • Saffron a heal you wound and burn

If you have wound or burn on your skin, you do not have to worry. The red gold can amazingly heal the wounds and burns. So, buy saffron online and enjoy its perfect benefits.


The side effects of pure saffron

Although saffron has numerous benefits and advantages, it can have some possible side effects too.

  • Using saffron can be dangerous for pregnant women; it may expose them to the risk of Abortion.
  • Kidneys can be damaged due to the excessive use of pure saffron.
  • Although it has a lot of benefits, it must not be used too much.
  • Saffron can make you happy but do not forget that excessive use of it can cause mania


How to use saffron

  • Grinding saffron is the best way to prepare it for use. So, before any attempt to use pure saffron, grind it.
  • Prepare the boiling water.
  • Put saffron in a small glass container.
  • Add the boiling water to the saffron and dissolve it.
  • Close the container and wait for the saffron to release its color and fragrance.

How and where to keep pure saffron

If you are planning to buy more saffron than what you need, you must know how and where to keep it.

  • The best way to keep the saffron is putting it in a container which is not transparent. This kind of container can avoid direct sunlight.
  • Do not forget that the place where you keep the pure saffron must be completely dry.
  • The place where you keep pure saffron must not be too hot. If you keep it in such inappropriate condition, it will lose its color and fragrance strength.
  • It is better to keep stigma of saffron and do not grind it until you need it.

At last, but not least do not forget that cultivating, harvesting and preparing the gold spice is really difficult and time-consuming. So, never waste even a bit of this expensive and valuable spice.


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