Saffron Drink

Saffron Drink

Saffron Drink

Saffron drink is one of the most delicious and popular drinks among Iranian and it is also proved to be loved by non-Iranians. You can buy saffron online and serve this drink in you luxurious parties and ceremonies.

Saffron drink is a mixture of pure saffron extract and rose-water (Golab).

Although, people add more ingredients to this drink to make a more powerful mixture, the main compound contains saffron and Golab.

Read along with GoldSpice to find more about this miraculous and wonderful taste.

Buy saffron online and go for the following recipes:

There are many saffron drink recipes and here we are going to introduce 2 of them that are most popular.

Saffron Drink Ingredients:

  • Sugar: as much as desired (it depends on how you want your drink to be sweet).
  • Ground Iranian saffron: half of a spoon.
  • Golab (rose-water): 3 spoons
  • Water: half of a liter

The first method to make saffron drink:

  • First, pour the water into a pot.
  • Then, put the pot on flame and let it boil.
  • Next, lower the flame, add the sugar to the boiling water and mix it thoroughly.
  • After the sugar is well solved in the water, add Iranian saffron to the pot.
  • Then mix the mixture thoroughly.
  • After all, ingredients are well mixed, add Golab to the pot.
  • Finally, let the mixture rest for 15 minutes on the flame, until it becomes rather dense.

To serve the drink, fill in 1/3 of a glass with the mixture and pour cool water on it.

In the end, put some ice cubes in the glass.

GoldSpice Saffron Drink

The second method to make saffron drink:

  • First, mix water and sugar in a pot and put it on the heat.
  • Then, let the mixture boil.
  • Stir the liquid to help it boil.
  • After it boiled, pass the mixture through a sieve.
  • Also, put the sieved liquid on the heat again.
  • Next, add some lemon juice to the drink.
  • Additionally, let the liquid boil until it becomes dense.
  • Finally, add some pure saffron extract to the mixture.
  • Let the liquid boil until the fragrance and color of saffron is spread in the mixture.

You can now order saffron online and enjoy your heavenly saffron drink.

The benefits of saffron drink with Golab (rose-water):

Pure saffron has thousands of advantages for mental health as well as physical health, such as:

  • Saffron has benefits for the skin
  • Pure saffron provide energy for body
  • It helps the mind relax

Moreover, Golab has a warm nature and is very beneficial for heart and mental health.

Therefore, this Golab-Saffron drink is very helpful for treating insomnia and stresses.

It also can help improve heart performance.

So, why not buy saffron online and benefit from its very helpful advantages?

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Now you know how to make a drink which is really healthy and also very delicious.

Try to serve this drink two to three times in a week to see how it affects your wellbeing in short time.

Enjoy the miraculous taste and fragrance of saffron drink and let your guests experience the pleasure of having an Iranian traditional drink.

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