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How to make saffron milk with Persian saffron Ingredients: 💛Persian saffron 💛1 cup milk 💛Cardamom 💛Sugar or honey if desired Instruction: For the beginning, pour milk, ground Persian saffron as well as ground cardamom in the small pot and let it boil, put the pot aside and add up sugar or honey. 💜Taste

What are the benefits of saffron? ✅Anticancer, specially Colorectal, Hepatic, Breast, Skin, Prostate and Leukemia. ✅Helps digestion through its Antioxidant effects. ✅Heals Arthritis. ✅Cures wounds. ✅Prevents hair loss. ✅Improves vision. ✅Increases Happiness and energy levels. ✅Boots memory. ✅Reinforces heart function. ✅Heals Asthma. Read More