Pure saffron and its Derivatives

Pure saffron and its Derivatives: Crocin,Crocetin & Safranal

Fans of both traditional and modern medical science, have long ago discovered the benefits and advantages of pure Saffron for mental and physical health. In this regard, Iranian saffron is the most famous saffron around the world and its golden threads have the best quality among others. Pure saffron and its derivatives now are being exported to other parts of the world from Iran.

According to statistics, Iranian Saffron stands in the first place, regarding quality and volume of production.

Pure saffron and its Derivatives

Three main derivatives of Saffron include: crocin, crocetin and safranal.

Before any attempts to order saffron online, first of all, lets company GoldSpice to the end of this article and find more out about pure saffron and its derivatives.

Pure saffron and its Derivatives: Crocin

The main reason for the luxury and elegant color of the golden threads of saffron is crocin.

This compound is a natural antioxidant and builds a great defending wall against all types of cancer.

Iranian scientists have recently invented a pill called Krocina. the main component of this tablet is crocin. Therefore, the antioxidant and anti-depression properties of saffron’s crocin are also present in Krocina.

Among other benefits of crocin present in saffron are the following:

  • Crocin improves eye-sight;
  • It helps a faster weight loss process;
  • Saffron has an anti-Alzheimer effect on the mind;
  • Crocin helps the blood sugar level decrease in people with diabetes.
  • The crocin in Saffron heals inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis;

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Pure saffron and its Derivatives: Crocetin

As a matter of fact, crocetin is the core component of crocin. Therefore, its anti-cancer effects are far stronger than crocin.

here are some advantages of crocetin:

  • It is a strong poison against cancer cells;
  • Crocetin helps blood cells to carry more oxygen;
  • The crocetin present in pure saffron helps wounds heal faster.

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Pure saffron and its Derivatives: Safranal

Safranal is a fragrant oil extracted from pure saffron. Hence, this is the main reason for the heavenly smell of this golden miracle.

Due to its beauty properties, safranal is the main component of many health-care products such as facial and hand creams, beauty masks, some kinds of shampoos and soaps.

Like other derivatives of saffron, also safranal has many advantages for health:

  • Safranal’s perfect fragrance helps mind relax;
  • Saffron brightens the eyes and makes them glow;
  • Safranal helps the blood circuit and makes the skin seem brighter;
  • The Safranal present in pure saffron has anti-wrinkling effects on the skin.

If you care about your beauty, saffron is the perfect choice for you; so, order saffron online!

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