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Healthy weight loss by saffron

Healthy weight loss by saffron

Pure saffron with its fantastic benefits has many different advantages and usages. Some use Iranian saffron for health purposes while others may use it for cooking. But did you know that pure saffron can help people to lose weight?

Most people are always looking for different ways to lose weight. This gold spice is really popular among those who want to lose weight. But you may ask yourself self how saffron works for weight loss.

Pure saffron for weight loss  

When the food enters into your stomach, different parts of the digestive system are involved in digestion. Moreover, lipase is an enzyme that can control the fat from the food. Inhibition of this enzyme prevents the absorption of fat in the food, and subsequently, you will receive less calories.

Interestingly, pure saffron affects the Lipase. Therefore, your body will absorb less fat from food. If your body receives less fat, you will lose weight.

Saffron also can make changes in your appetite which can help you to eat less. Equally, pure saffron affects serotonin hormone. This hormone has a positive and direct relationship with your appetite.

How to use saffron for weight loss

Before using saffron, make sure that the saffron you buy is original. In order to buy original pure saffron online, it is better to order it from reliable and well-known online shops. Also knowing the difference between fake saffron and pure saffron can help you to make a good and reliable purchase.

Brewing pure saffron is the best way of using it for weight loss. Therefore, you can brew saffron and drink its extract after every meal. Of course, drinking one or two cups of this drink after every meal can help you to increase your metabolism.

You must not expect to lose a lot of weight seen. But by continuing the saffron diet, you will get a considerable result. Interestingly, saffron can also affect the way you eat. Buy drinking saffron tea after every meal, you can easily control your compulsive eating. Consequently, it can help you to burn fat and lose weight.

Authorized amount of using pure saffron

All people can use 3 grams of saffron in a month. It means that those who want to lose weight using pure saffron can use 0.1 gram of saffron in a day.

Don’t forget that excessive use of saffron can have many side effects. Unnecessary consumption of saffron is harmful for the kidneys and can cause disorder in nerves. Therefore, you must keep in your mind that using too much saffron cannot help you to lose weight faster and it can have many dangerous side effects for you.

Recommendations on using saffron for weight loss

In other words, for getting better result of using Iranian saffron for weight loss, it is better to brew saffron with some herbs. Rose, Cardamom, Damask rose, Rosewater as well as Orange blossom are some of herbs that you can use to mix with saffron for weight loss.


In fact, an important thing to know is that saffron is not beneficial for everyone. In this case, these people must not use saffron

  • People with low blood pressure
  • People with kidney problem
  • Pregnant women

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